Workshop Drum with Tariq Snare-US America

Workshop Drum with Tariq Snare-US America

There are always opportunities for the children of Sekolah Otonom Sanggar Anak Akar (SEKOSA) to learn many things; multimedia, entrepreneurship trough Student Company program, and painting. This time they got an opportunity to study how to play drum well under couches from well-known drum player from America.

For about three hours, Tariq Snare who is facilitated by the embassy of America visited SEKOSA to give the workshop on Feb 2nd 2012. SEKOSA was chosen as one of the places to hold the workshop called Drum workshop and performance in Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, and Pontianak.

With more than twenty children, Snare created very enthusiasm atmosphere for the children to get along.

Before really starting the workshop, Snare surprised the children with his ability to play drum. Besides, this Musician who lives in New York, America explained the name, the function, and the history in every single part of the drum.

Every children got a chance to be directly assisted in playing drum, while others went hiding little musical instrument like maracas, tambourine, and castanets to play with.

The children were really happy having a chance to study with the best drum player from America once they got interview by the secretary of SEKOSA. “I‘m happy and Wow.. it’s easy playing Drum” says Reza (12), one of the students from SEKOSA.

While Sandi (17) whose hobby is playing piano admitted the same. He says, “It’s the first time I play the Drum, but I can do it easily. I guess the teaching method is simple. And you know? I got the drum’s stick from him. I’m really happy having the stick from America.”

Not only the children who were amazed with the way snare delivered the workshop, but also snare was really excited. He invited all the members of SEKOSA to watch his performance with the local musicians on Feb 15th 2012 at @America, Pacific Mall, Jakarta.

He invited the members after exactly do some collaboration with the percussion player from SEKOSA. “Wow, very talented. I love this school, and I want him to play in my performance,”  says Snare while patting Andri’s shoulders (19), one of the assistant of percussion class who has studied in Sanggar Anak Akar since he was a kid.




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