The Representative of Global Fund for Children visited Sanggar Anak Akar

The Representative of Global Fund for Children visited Sanggar Anak Akar


One of the creative classes which are held by Sekolah Otonom Sanggar Anak Akar (SEKOSA) is Multimedia Class. A program which is sponsored by Global Fund for Children (GFC) and Adobe Youth Voice involves twelve active participants who made tens arts from multimedia. Since the very first established in 2010, GFC has been the loyal donator for multimedia class as well as the journalistic class.

The International Organization which office is in Washington DC, America donate annually for educational or health organization for children across the world.  In 2010 and 2011, SEKOSA got a chance to be one of the recipients, which then allocated for multimedia class.

On Jan 29th 2012, Amanda Xiong, staff program GFC visited SEKOSA to see some activities from the children, especially the activities from multimedia class.

After being welcomed by Ibe Karyanto – Rector of SEKOSA and some children from multimedia and journalistic class, she directly go on to the computer room in the second floor.

Assisted by Saneri – the secretary of SEKOSA, Amanda saw some creations from the multimedia class such as poster, short movie, video presentation and some shorts writing from the journalistic class. She also made an interview with the students;  Putri, Sutris, Lia, Yulinar, dan Sandi.  They one by one presented their best creation during their involvement in that class.

“I showcase my short movies as well as my best posters of 60 poster that I have”,  says Sutris, the student member of multimedia class.

After having some dialogue with the students, she had lunch along with all members of SEKOSA. At 1 pm she was accompanied by Saneri and Nisa visiting the rural communities under authorization of SEKOSA which is located in Kebon Nanas, East Jakarta near the river.

In a place sized 4X6 m2, children aged 5-10 years old filled the room by reading, make some toy planes and ships from origami and together they sang along with the representatives from SEKOSA and four students from senior high school students of Santa Ursula BSD who is in social practice from school. With her digital camera, Amanda documented all activities after she tried to introduce herself in Indonesian.

In addition, she also did some observation toward the citizen that was taking the garbage from the river to be sold.

After two hours did the observation, she went back to the SEKOSA. This visit was ended up with the interview to the rector of SEKOSA and Saneri about the benefit of receiving this donation, especially for the multimedia class.




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