Student Company, the Way to Foster Entrepreneurship in Children

Student Company, the Way to Foster Entrepreneurship in Children

Business is very popular since it can be applied to things all over the world.  That is why that the knowledge of business and entrepreneurship is not for adult only, even children have been also introduced to the term of business and entrepreneurship since their early age.

In Sanggar Akar, an alternative school for under privileged children which is located in Kalimalang East Jakarta, there is a joint program between Sanggar Akar, Prestasi Junior Indonesia and Permata Bank, named “Student Company”.  The aim is that to foster a skill of entrepreneurship in children.  About 16 children are involved in this program. With hands on business coaching, training and mentoring, this program helps turn ambitious students into entrepreneurs.

Children in Sanggar Akar created their own company, named “Akaros” which is stands for “Akar Autonomous School” on October 7th 2011.  Through this company, they are not only learned the theory of being entrepreneurship but also the action of handling business. They build their management of the company including staffing and product developing.

“We are very excited in this program. Finally, we can learn how to manage the company, Right now, Akaros has four presidents in different field such as finance, public relation, marketing and product developing with about 12 employees. I am glad to work with them” said Putri (17), an executive president of Akaros Company.

Beside of Putri’s statement, other children who are also involved in this program share their feeling on this interview.

“At first, I don’t now at all about the financial system of a company. But later on, I truly learn about the responsibility and how to manage money since I am vice finance president in this company”, told Tita (16).

“For me, I have to say thanks for this program. We are getting understands in product developing. We create our main product which is various paper quiling cards. It can be used as birthday card, invitation card or even wedding souvenirs. And for running this company, Akaros also received the order of making Indonesian traditional snacks. All of these are very challenging, really”, said Seti (14).

Considering the benefits of this program, Desi (23), one of the SEKOSA staffs, hopes this program will be running well till the end of the term on September 2012.

Meanwhile, both children as well as supporting parties hope that there will be the follow-up program in the future so that the children who have passion in entrepreneurship can find their way.




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