SEKOSA Attended “Hip Hop Beats for Life” Concert

SEKOSA Attended “Hip Hop Beats for Life” Concert

Workshop Drum with Tariq Snare (2/2/2012) was really impressed for SEKOSA. It was proven by looking their spirit and ambitions when attending the invitation to watch Tariq Snare’s concert in Central Jakarta (15/2/2012).

Although the concert was about to start at 16.00 WIB and the distance from Sanggar Akar to the concert centre just in 60 minutes, children had been faultlessly dressed since 13.00 WIB. They had been neat with their best clothes and shoes.

It was at around 14.30 WIB and children were ready on the car to @America, Pacific Place Mall.

While entering the lobby of American culture centre, that group were welcomed by the staff from American Embassy and the guide.

While waiting the concert, with the full of enthusiasm, children tried to use the sophisticated technology. Touchscreen, big LCD screen and digital library were available for those who want to use without paying. It’s free of charge. Indeed, a new I-pad could be rented one day long by handing our identity card over the staff.

The concert door would open at 16.30. The representative of @America opened the event and said the apology for the lateness. The next speech went to the representative staff from American Embassy. In the end of his speech, children were waving their hands proudly when suddenly he said welcome to that place that addressed to Sanggar Akar.

It was a time to watch the collaboration concert of Tariq with the local musicians. That concert themed “Hip Hop Beats for Life”. The opening concert was presented by the solo drum of Tariq. As the following, the various musicians from different genres came to the stage and blended into one.

The harmonious rhythm of Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, BeatBox, and Pop compactly integrated with Bridge Dance and the offbeat from the percussion played by Andi Setiawan (SEKOSA) well on into a great performance.

About 5 songs were played in that concert. One of the songs was a compulsory song from Indonesia “Maju Tak Gentar” in the Hip Hop style that made all of people singing together.

“The collaboration is extremely great. It can be more amazing when we sing “Rasa Sayange”, you know the atmosphere is really lively” said Nisa (18), one of children from SEKOSA.

After singing the Maluku song of “Rasa Sayange” as the closing, all of spectators were trying to take picture with the musicians.

“Sanggar Akar, thanks for coming!” said Tariq when SEKOSA tried to take picture with him.




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