Children Play with Nature

Children Play with Nature

February 4, 2012 could be a wonderful moment for children of  Sanggar Anak Akar, Sanggar Ciliwung, Sahabat Anak, SOS, and Mandiri community.

One day long, they learned to love the nature by “Playing with nature” at Mas Mountain of Tea Garden, Puncak, West Java. Program by which Atmajaya’s student took a credit to, giving a lot of knowledge about the environment in exciting way.

Children were divided into several groups; maroon, bottle green, pink, and so on. Every group had a great yell. There was a group yelling aloud “Hijau muda….banyak karya!!!”, others made a yell by reconstructing the lyrics from the famous band.

Those groups climbed the hill after lunch. The committee prepared a wonderful game like “Cerdas Cermat” which themed environment (recycling organic and non-organic trash). Also, the committee conducted a small game of “Roda Kehidupan”. During the journey, children were demanded to find plastic balls that have been spread at that tea garden. Every team was finding the plastic ball referring to the team’s color.

They were wandering the tea garden and finding the ball at the same time for 2 hours. It was the time for them to come together in a place and told their personal experiences during the journey. Later, they had to count the ball that they have collected.

The next session was the seminar about recycling the trash–called “Seminar Daur Ulang”. Children were given the information and knowledge of managing the solid trash consisted of selecting, collecting, processing, distributing and producing the items from the reused material, also telling the main component of managing a modern trash which we have heard as 3R (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle).

After that, children were challenged to make the handicraft from the unused newspaper. The chopstick for rolling the newspaper and the glue for gumming it were also needed. The result of the handicraft could be in a various shape such as photo vase, pencil case, and the other ornaments.

The event was closed by reshowing the yells from all groups. The greatest yell from a good group felt very happy due to the gift from the committee to them.

 (by Hairun Nisa)



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