Main Program

Sanggar Anak Akar Autonomous School (SEKOSA)

Activities :

1.       Academic Class

Academic class is a learning activity for several subjects such as Indonesian Language and Literature, English, History, Mathematics, Music and Visual Arts. The academic class emphasizes on theoretical abilities. The academic class runs 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. The facilitators of these activities are Sanggar Akar daily personnel and several volunteers.

2.       Household Management and the Environment

Household management comprises of not only learning how to manage the daily needs of Sanggar which includes house maintenance, meals menu management and taking care of the environment, it also involves attitude-building. This program is held as a way of learning to develop responsibilities and solidarity towards the environment and towards others in the community. The learning process in this program is carried out using a creative discipline method whereby each child is free to determine his/her responsibilities for the house, for others and for the environment.

3.       Music Ensemble

In the academic and creative class, children individually learn how to develop theoretical knowledge and the ability to master particular musical instruments. With those abilities, it is expected that children are not only able to play instruments and read music scores, but also to compose music. In the musical ensemble activity, children collectively learn to understand harmony, sharpen their sense of musicality and develop their skills in team-working.

4.       Theatre

Theatre is one of the initial activities introduced by Sanggar Akar to marginalized children. At the initial years, Sanggar introduced theatre solely in the form of role play, since it serves as a media which accommodates characters that are as imaginative and dynamic as that of children. In its development, theatre becomes a media of individual as well as collective expression. Theatre production is a regular event which is carried out as a space for children to explore and integrate various disciplines of knowledge and skills. 

5.       Writing

Writing is a regular program started in 1995, marked by publishing a children tabloid called “Niat”. Beside introducing media management, the purpose of the activity is to develop children’s skills and competence in utilising writing as a medium of expression. Writing activity is conducted in two models. The first model is a regular workshop facilitated by people who are experts in the field of journalistic. Participants of this model are teenagers above 14 years old with basic writing skills; whereas the second model is a basic level writing for children under 14 years of age. This basic writing activity is facilitated by teenagers who are participants of journalism for teenagers.

6.       Library

Apart from serving as a source of books reference for children studying in the Autonomous School, the library is also open for public. Therefore, the library book collection span from children’s books up to Indonesian literature, translated works, encyclopedia and textbooks which support learning needs.

7.       Multimedia

Recognizing the significant role that electronic technology plays in people’s life, Sanggar Anak Akar Autonomous School has created a multimedia program. The purpose of multimedia program is not only to introduce theoretical understanding and technical utility for users. It is more to give the opportunity for each child to learn and develop their interest and ability in mastering multimedia technology, be it as a product-maker or a programmer. One of the multimedia programs that has so far been Sanggar Anak Akar’s attention is the audiovisual class or video film.

8.       Visual Arts

  Visual Arts consist of two activities, namely sculpting and painting classes. Both are conducted regularly once a week under the          supervision of artists who voluntarily help Sanggar Akar. The visual arts class does not only aim to develop skills. Through the visual arts process, children are trained in sharpening their sense of feelings and conveying their appreciation towards visual arts and beauty.


Children Community Education

Children’s community education is a learning and playing program to develop basic reading, writing, arithmetic skills, speaking skills and basic skills in playing music. The program is conducted regularly in 3 communes in the urban neighborhoods. Participants of this program are children under 12 years of age. The program facilitators are Sanggar Anak Akar personnel, local youths and volunteers.

Public Event

Public events are conducted in various forms, ranging from arts exhibition, arts-cultures performance and carnivals that bring forward children’s issues. Those activities are carried out at least twice a year during National Children’s Day and on Sanggar Anak Akar’s anniversary. The purpose of these events, apart from serving as children’s medium of expression, is also as a medium to campaign for children’s issues. In conducting these events, we engage children’s community network from various organizations and schools.

Youth Leadership Education

Youth leader is a term for teenagers with the potential to drive the community or facilitate activities for children and adults in the communes where they live. Education activities for youth leaders are conducted in workshops and regular capacity development. Informally, the capacity development is carried out by involving them in the programs for children and community members in general.




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