Fundraising for Land

Fundraising for Land

This month marks the start of ‘fundraising for land’ – a collective fundraising effort to purchase land for our school relocation.

Sanggar Anak Akar Autonomous School is an alternative education model for marginalized children. The school is a non-profit institution run by community members who are concerned in improving the quality of education and making education more accessible for the poor. By ‘marginalized children’, we mean children who are deprived of their basic rights due to unjust social-economic, political and cultural structures. In their everyday life, marginalized children are part of urban poor family in Jakarta; they are living under the constant threat of violence perpetrated by adults. These children live in poor living conditions such as in waste dumping site, river bank slums and in the streets.

Our educational model was initiated in 1994 with the purpose of providing a safe and secure space for street children. In 2003, with the support of our network of volunteers, the Friends of Akar, we successfully purchased a 950 meter2 land and constructed a building of more than 600 meter2 which functions as our school until today.

Unfortunately, the Jakarta city government will build a highway connecting Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu which passes through the location of our school. The highway construction will start in 2013, forcing us to relocate from our home which has been the home for hundreds of marginalized children in Jakarta. In order to ensure the continuity and sustainability of children’s learning process, we are eager to purchase land and construct our  new school building before the highway construction plan is materialized.

Sanggar Anak Akar as a non-profit organization does not have adequate funding to meet those needs. Through this proposal, we would like to seek the support of the Friends of Akar and other interested parties to work together in a collective fund raising effort to ensure the continuity of free, quality education for children a reality
How You Can Help:

  • Start your own fundraising activity in your own town. Find out some fundraising activities here : Fundrising by Children Performance, Fundraising Propcon Golf, Fundraising in Leuven, etc.
  • Donate IDR 100,000 to our bank account:  Yayasan Anak Akar, Bank BCA  Kcp Kemang, No. Rek : 2863011922.  We are aiming to reach 70,000 people by 2013.
  • Expand our network. If you know any potential donor or supporters, drop us an e-mail at : sanggarakar@yahoo.com.


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