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As part of our fundraising effort, students of SAA play percussion and musical ensemble in various events. Here is some of the videos : a.  Performance at Teater Kecil, TIM, Jakarta b. Kaleng Rombeng Performance c. Recently, we won the ‘most outstanding performance’ award on Student Company Competition 2012. Advertisements

Children of Sanggar Anak Akar participate on “United for Education”

On July 10, 2012, Children of Sanggar Akar participated on “United for Education” at Sarinah, Jakarta. With about 600 education-caring people, they showcased their talent through musical performance on the event which managed by Permata Bank. Find out the photos here :

“Akarnaval” Children Carnival on November 19 2012

Public events are conducted in various forms, ranging from arts exhibition, arts-cultures performance and carnivals that bring forward children’s issues. Sanggar Anak Akar has just held public event named “Akarnaval” which present arts exhibition, arts-cultures carnivals that bring forward children’s issues on November 19 2011 at Tugu Proklamasi-TIM, Jakarta, Indonesia. See these photos :

A Musical Theatre of “Lentera Rumah Kita” by Sanggar Anak Akar on November 20-21 2011

Theatre production of Sanggar Anak Akar  is a regular event which is carried out as a space for children to explore and integrate various disciplines of knowledge and skills. Here the photos of a musical theatre of “Lentera Rumah Kita” by Sanggar Anak Akar on November 20-21 2011 at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Drumming Workshop with Tariq Snare- Native Deen US at Sanggar Anak Akar

On February 2nd 2012, Tariq Todd Snare, a well known drummer of Native Deen US, Tariq Todd Snare visited Sanggar Anak Akar to give Drumming Workshop

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