Sanggar Anak Akar is  an alternative education model for urban poor children in Jakarta aged 6 – 12 years old and 12 – 17 years old. The proposed program will directly benefit underprivileged children in Jakarta by providing free, quality education that is relevant to their needs. Activities are implemented in the Sanggar Anak Akar Autonomous School as well as in four base communities around Jakarta.


General Objectives :

–  To conduct quality alternative educational model that is relevant to the condition and needs of urban poor children.

– To facilitate the skills and capacity development of urban poor children in facing challenges and needs in life.

– To become an alternative educational model as a cultural movement that respects children’s rights.


June 2012 marks the start of ‘fundraising for land’ – a collective fundraising effort to purchase land for our school relocation.

If you want to support us, please visit : friends of akar



Jln.Inspeksi Saluran Jatiluhur

RT.07  RW.01 No.30

Cipinang Melayu – Gudang Seng

Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur 13620

Email      : sanggarakar@yahoo.com

Tlp/Fax : 021-8574923



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. °·♥·♡τнäиκчöü♥·♡·° for this information. Semoga kita semua lebih dan semakin peduli terhadap sesama!

    Bagaimana ya dengan di Bandung? Siapa yang akan memprakarsainya?

    Posted by De Ay | March 17, 2012, 9:31 AM

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